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Hi there! Just dropped by to make a review. =)

First off, I really like the wackiness of your instruments here. Kinda sounds like something you could use for a happy and wacky video game. =D

However, some parts sound a little bit repetitive; and the track's ending felt a bit abrupt. But despite all that, this is a really decent track. :)

You've done quite a good job on this, keep it up! =)

- MrKoolTrix

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks a lot man! Will do! (:

Wow. This one's cool. =D

The start's quite energetic and happy! After that is a calm, tranquil breakdown.
Right after that, there's a funky, classy glitch hop part which I really like.
That part had a creative mix of instruments. =)

Ending's quite short, though. A bit of a longer ending would've been nice. ^_^

All in all, great track! Nice work.


AeronMusic responds:

Huge thanks dude! :D

Really loving this. The choice of instruments is great! =)

Would be cooler if it was a bit longer, but considering you made this in 4 hours, this is a really great track.

Nice work! =D


AeronMusic responds:

Thank you! Really glad you like this different stuff! =)
Yeah, I could've made it longer. I just felt I was done with it. (:

This track is nice and powerful!

I really like the fact that you kept the format of your old tracks, and this track sounded fresh, gritty, and rhythmic.

Great job on this!


You may have deviated from your usual style, but this still sounds great!

It has a dark mysterious atmosphere that I really enjoy. Nice work!


AeronMusic responds:

Thank you! It is kind of hard to go back to this style now I have changed. :s

I really like this track. =)
The intro is eerie and ambient. The beat then kicks in, and everything's nicely mixed.

After that comes the buildup. The growl bass adds some tension to it, so that's a nice addition. I see that you added some voice clips before the drop kicks in. (Suh, dude! / What's up, dude!)

Then, the almighty drop. Sound design's well done; I also like the goofy, wet bass that pops up here and there in the drop. Kinda reminds me of Xtrullor's bass, yet it has your own added flavor to it.

So yup, great melody, nice mixing, and huge drops (especially the 2nd one). =D


MafiaPineapple responds:

Glad to hear that you liked it and thanks for the detailed review!

Whoa. This track is a great mishmash of various instruments and genres. Drop's quite catchy, the bass is well laid out, and the beat is solid! =D

It's really chill, and mixing that with glitch hop and chiptune sounds make it really unique.

Cool track!


Wow. This really is bouncy! At 29 seconds, it sounded like you mashed up disco with moombahcore. Also, the dissonance between chords is well pulled off. =)

However, the arpy melody at 1:01 kinda throws the vibe off a little bit, probably because it didn't really work well with the chord progression.

But overall: catchy tune, bouncy beat, and a unique chord progression. Short but sweet.

Kudos! =D

AeronMusic responds:

Ahh. Thought the arpy melody at 1:01 would be cool. Something to keep in mind next time.
Thank you MrKoolTrix!

Cool song! Although the mastering could be better, I really like the choice of instruments. Rated 4 stars. =D

FoxyThePirateFoxPL responds:

Thanks for the review! :3

Wow. This one's really bouncy and catchy. It's kinda hard to find the beat in the track's intro, though. XD

Love the drop's structure, it's simple but fun to listen to. Added to my favorites!


AeronMusic responds:

Yeah I have to admit, the beat in the intro is kind of hard to find =)

Thanks for the review!

Howdy, everyone! It's MrKoolTrix. :)
Check out the About page on my website if you'd like to utilize my music for your projects/YouTube Videos.
Have a great time. ^_^

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