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Nice to see you back with a new release! I really appreciate the funky vibes of this, and the mixing's really clear and strong, too ^_^

Geoplex responds:

Thanks so much for all the support <3 it's very kind and cool (edit: I should have said "kool". opportunity missed)

AAAAA the sound design is insanely polished! Everything feels so crisp and the variations in the drops really bring out the track's energy. Looking forward to your next releases. :D

Sharks responds:

thank you

This is pretty neat, especially the fact that you produced this on a demo version of FL Studio. :)

aBlueFire responds:

I lack time and skills, yet worse

Relying on MIDI to save at least the patterns/chords in my project. Being on free version isn't really ideal for professional producers but I've enjoyed it, otherwise.

Really great to see you back with a new music track! This one's so groovy & delivers a driving feeling. Love this one, and I'm also looking forward to what's up to come. :D

Geoplex responds:

Thank you! Feels good to be back.

Just stumbled upon this track, and it's really neat. O_O

The mixing's pretty solid; nice work on that! The overall melody is fairly catchy as well.

Keep doing what you're doing, you're skilled in making music. :D

- MrKoolTrix

TetroTunes responds:

Thanks, really appreciate it! :D
I feel like I've been improving alot lately so I'll make sure to keep working on it. ^^

Y'know, even though that this is a joke track... it actually sounds pretty good. XD

KaixoMusic responds:

That's exactly what my brother said lmao. I mean, apart from the distortion on the sub, the poor mixing, the amount of repetition, the boring intro, the boring break, the lack of sub bass in the part after the drop and the amazingly generic buildup. It could sound pretty decent.

I really like the vibes this gives off; the quirky sound design's very enjoyable to listen to. :D

AeronMusic responds:

Thank u MrKoolTrix! :D

Cool to see you once again. :D

I like this; crosses over the melodic & heavy elements pretty nicely. :)

AeronMusic responds:

Cool to see you commenting again! :)

And thanks a lot! ^^

This has a pretty bouncy, mysterious vibe to it... I like it. :D

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks! I have multiple people requesting you to join my Discord lol, I don't want to force you into anything, but here's the link anyway: http://discord.gg/kaixo

Love the way this flows altogether. :D

I like the control of dynamics and how the drops are pretty powerful; neat work on that. ^_^

I do feel like the overall energy could be brought higher, but other than that, this is a really solid track. Props to you, Kaixo! :)

- MrKoolTrix

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks! Yeah, energy could've been higher.

Howdy, everyone! It's MrKoolTrix. :)
Check out the About page on my website if you'd like to utilize my music for your projects/YouTube Videos.
Have a great time. ^_^

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