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This is a fairly great track by you, Xtrullor. :D

I really like the guitars accompanying the rest of the arrangement; it gives it a bit of that "laidback & country-like" feel that I enjoy here.

The first buildup does make some effective tension before the drop, although personally it would be better with some small sounds in the background.
The second buildup's pretty nice since it has a more "direct" feel to it.
Other than that, the unconventional nature of the buildups are quite cool. :)

The first drop sounds nice with all the varying growls and the synth blips in the background. Likin' that epic vibe there. :D
The second drop sounds more spaced out with the half-time beat and some extended growl basses. Quite nice as well. :)

The ending's pretty chill & conclusive, with the beat keeping the same pace as the second drop.

Once again, this is a fairly great track and it really reflects your great sound design and arrangement. Keep up the great work. ^_^


Wow. This is probably what I can consider one of your best tracks. :) There's nothing messy about this track; in fact, the mixing is actually pretty good, considering this was made about 3 years ago. :P

Nice one! :D


AeronMusic responds:

Thank you!! <3
imo the mix is kinda messy, but this track is around 4 years old so that is probably why.
I just remembered that I was going to do a remix of one of your songs but I still haven't started with that yet. I am currently busy with other stuff but I keep that in mind, I hope (:

Just really divine work here. Nice job as always, Xtrullor! :)

Chill yet ominous at the same time. Lovin' the vibes. :)

Awesome work by you two. Lovin' the aggressive nature of this track. :D

Hope your situation gets much better. :)


Loving the quirky nature of this track. Nice one! :)

Love the motivational and uplifting feeling of this track. Awesome work! :D

Lockyn responds:

thank you!

Nice work here! I'm loving these chill vibes. :)

Lockyn responds:

Thank ya!

Really cool. Love the fast yet chill nature of this track. Lovely! =)

Geoplex responds:

Thanks :)

O_o This blew me away; amazing work!

Definitely a big improvement to Sourcream, love those scratches and vocals in the drop, they make it so quirky!

Gotta say, I'm amazed. Cool track and great work!


AeronMusic responds:

Ooh thanks a lot MrKoolTrix! Really glad you love it! :D

Howdy, everyone! It's MrKoolTrix. :)
Check out the About page on my website if you'd like to utilize my music for your projects/YouTube Videos.
Have a great time. ^_^

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