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Chill yet ominous at the same time. Lovin' the vibes. :)

Awesome work by you two. Lovin' the aggressive nature of this track. :D

Hope your situation gets much better. :)


Loving the quirky nature of this track. Nice one! :)

Love the motivational and uplifting feeling of this track. Awesome work! :D

Lockyn responds:

thank you!

Nice work here! I'm loving these chill vibes. :)

Lockyn responds:

Thank ya!

Really cool. Love the fast yet chill nature of this track. Lovely! =)

Geoplex responds:

Thanks :)

O_o This blew me away; amazing work!

Definitely a big improvement to Sourcream, love those scratches and vocals in the drop, they make it so quirky!

Gotta say, I'm amazed. Cool track and great work!


AeronMusic responds:

Ooh thanks a lot MrKoolTrix! Really glad you love it! :D

Hi there! Just dropped by to make a review. =)

First off, I really like the wackiness of your instruments here. Kinda sounds like something you could use for a happy and wacky video game. =D

However, some parts sound a little bit repetitive; and the track's ending felt a bit abrupt. But despite all that, this is a really decent track. :)

You've done quite a good job on this, keep it up! =)

- MrKoolTrix

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks a lot man! Will do! (:

Wow. This one's cool. =D

The start's quite energetic and happy! After that is a calm, tranquil breakdown.
Right after that, there's a funky, classy glitch hop part which I really like.
That part had a creative mix of instruments. =)

Ending's quite short, though. A bit of a longer ending would've been nice. ^_^

All in all, great track! Nice work.


AeronMusic responds:

Huge thanks dude! :D

Really loving this. The choice of instruments is great! =)

Would be cooler if it was a bit longer, but considering you made this in 4 hours, this is a really great track.

Nice work! =D


AeronMusic responds:

Thank you! Really glad you like this different stuff! =)
Yeah, I could've made it longer. I just felt I was done with it. (:

Howdy, everyone! It's MrKoolTrix. :)
Read the document linked in my Linktree/"Social Platforms!" page if you'd like to utilize my music for your projects/YouTube Videos.
Have a great time. ^_^

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