Guys! =D

2016-07-12 08:59:11 by MrKoolTrix

I now have a SoundCloud account!

I posted my tracks from 2016, so the uploaded tracks (as of now) are from "Immersion" to "Confuzzled."

Have a great time there, fellows!



Here's the arrangement of my track "Mixy Motions"...

You can listen to it here:


The project file for "Mixy Motions."

This is my Newgrounds account!

2015-09-04 08:40:08 by MrKoolTrix

Hi guys!

I have decided to make a Newgrounds account for posting my music.

Go ahead and listen to my creations, I hope you enjoy them!

(Hooray for Geometry Dash 2.0!)

- MrKoolTrix