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Detious - Divinity (VIP) Detious - Divinity (VIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definitely a big musical leap from the first version of "Divinity." :D

The thing I enjoyed most about this track is how the drops had more variation with the syncopated rhythms and growls. That really made the track more exciting. :)

The melodies are cool, too. Gotta say, you did a really great job with this change-up. ^_^

Nice work! :D

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DetiousMusic responds:

You think so? Thank you so much :D

Searching Searching

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Chill vibes are nice vibes. :)

Really appreciate the mixing, especially the sub bass, which is a key element for chill tracks like this one.

Nice work. :D

Lockyn responds:

glad you enjoyed man!

Xtrullor - Karma (feat. Albert Hyrönen) Xtrullor - Karma (feat. Albert Hyrönen)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a fairly great track by you, Xtrullor. :D

I really like the guitars accompanying the rest of the arrangement; it gives it a bit of that "laidback & country-like" feel that I enjoy here.

The first buildup does make some effective tension before the drop, although personally it would be better with some small sounds in the background.
The second buildup's pretty nice since it has a more "direct" feel to it.
Other than that, the unconventional nature of the buildups are quite cool. :)

The first drop sounds nice with all the varying growls and the synth blips in the background. Likin' that epic vibe there. :D
The second drop sounds more spaced out with the half-time beat and some extended growl basses. Quite nice as well. :)

The ending's pretty chill & conclusive, with the beat keeping the same pace as the second drop.

Once again, this is a fairly great track and it really reflects your great sound design and arrangement. Keep up the great work. ^_^


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